Saturday, May 17, 2008

Arthur at Pheasant Fest 2008 in Minneapolis!

Arthur, now Caleb, and his new parents helped out at pheasant fest. Caleb showed off what a happy, adopted birddog looks like to the crowd.

He and fellow IBR girl Savannah had quite the fan base.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arthur aka Caleb's Bonding Issues

Hi All - As you can see we are having some issues with Caleb (Arthur) regarding bonding & affections within the family. ;-) Will continue to work on these as necessary! Tammy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweet Dreams...

A sweet boy dreaming of his forever home...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Arthur Gets the Royal Treatment!

Arthur ready to hit the road!!

Arthur gets the "Royal Treatment" with a special massage

Peek- a Boo Arthur!!

Even with up to 7 dogs in one hotel room,.. Arhur doesn't seem to mind!

Arthur Travels to Ohio,..

Despite the 90 degree temperatures, at the hunt test Arthur seemed to enjoy himself just the same!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Will Wait,..Patiently For You,........


Good Boy,.. Arthur!!

Thank you, Foster sister ,Thelma Lou, for sharing your house with me!

What A Love,....

Hi, it's me Arthur, I'm an older gentleman waiting for my own home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Having fun at Lisa's place

King Arthur has arrived at his second pitstop in the Chicago area. He's livened up more, has started to wrestle with a couple of the other foster boys and is eating well.
Two vets have now said he's approximately 9-10 years old. His X-rays have not shown any major hip problems, but he seems sore at times and we'll continue to work on making him comfortable and more active.
Lisa happily reported the other day: "Arthur was just galloping and sassing me in the yard. He is presently chomping on frozen chicken wings outside."

Cruise Anyone?

King Arthur made the trip to Chicago---taking time out for a fun Canine Cruise.
He was a very sweet boy, hanging out on his seat.
A nice lady sat down and cuddled with him for quite a while and he was smiling the entire time.

Comfy boy

King Arthur loves rawhides and was happy to chew them, or otherwise keep them safely with him on the doggy bed.
This boy quietly wiggles his way into your heart. It happened many times that he was snoozing in one corner, then suddenly you look up and he had silently come to you and sat by your side, wanting some loving. He's just the sweetest.

First Stop Indianapolis

King Arthur has arrived in Indianapolis.
He was having fun checking out the backyard.
Arthur is very sweet meeting new dogs, but cautious. He's waiting to make sure everybody will be nice, then gets happily in the middle for a meet and greet. Not a pushy boy at all.

Arthur was a very quiet unassuming boy the first few days. Slept a lot, went happily on walks and cuddled up on the couch, when being encouraged. He loved our doggy beds.

After settling in, he started talking. He's got a very cute roo-roo that he greets you with when you come home and when he gets excited about something.

He went to the pet store and seemed to be just fine checking everything out, so he's not nervous in new environments.